We offer high quality luxury Italian brands

EPS LLC is a leading family company based in capital of Mongolia, which offers high quality luxury Italian brand products and excellent service through the mono-brand stores.



Our Partnered brands

Why Us?

Best store locations

Our brand boutiques are located in the most prestigious places in the capital city, where Zaisan district “Orgil Shiltgeen”, “Shangri-La Mall” and “Seoul Plaza”.

30 Years of Experience

We have 30 years of experience in business, our company is in the leading position in the luxury market retail, and fashion sectors in Mongolia offering high-quality design products and introducing the world standard, especially customer care and services.

Professional Marketing

We communicate with our targeted customers through best-selling magazines, well-known TV channels, and digital channels using unique photos, videos, and other content.

Our Address

1st floor Seoul plaza, Ulaanbaatar, 14252, Mongolia