Elisabetta Franchi is one of the best  well known fashion brand in the region. Including Fashion lovers, stars and social influencers are the best fans of this brand. We are opened two branches of Elisabetta Franchi in Ulaanbaatar city.

          Loriblu brand broadcasted in domestic TV channels its own documentary film which was filmed in Italy, Marche region. Loriblu is well recognized in Mongolia with the name 100% ‘made in Italy ‘shoes. Since 2015, just after the grand opening in Ulaanbaatar,  the brand name has spread enormously throughout Mongolia with high quality and lifelong definition. Today, this brand is one of the most wanted shoes brand in harsh climate season with high quality never loosing its luxurious essence.

             Sergio Rossi first introduced to Mongolian market in 2018. We are proudly offering the true essence 120 steps and 14 hours of work. of collections  Sergio rossi in two locations Seoul Plaza and Shangri-la Mall, the 1st floor. We are excited to provide a real authentic brand with its 70-year  heritage to Mongolian customers, including exclusive limited editions and everyday collections.

            An Italian-known brand with 90 years of heritage, we offer a range of collections to the most elegant customers. Since 2018 in Seoul plaza, we offer the Italian fashion who adores fashion.

             Stylish, luxurious lingerie brands are a core need of female customers. We are eager to offer the most comfortable, sexy lingerie to our customers who visit our department store. We aim to convert the best look for our customers from head to toe.

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